The McGunnegal Chronicles

 Irish Fantasy Tales for Ages 8 to 108  

About the McGunnegal Chronicles


The McGunnegal Chronicles began as a long series of bedtime stories that I began to tell my children years ago.  They enjoyed them so much that my family urged me to begin writing them down.  The first three books are now written and are availble on Amazon.

The stories are about a family - the McGunnegals - who live in Ireland in the mid 1800's.  They discover a secret burried beneath their farm - a secret that launches them on incredible adventures into the lands of legend, and gives them understanding of why they all possess strange abilities.

My plan is to have a long series of books that are filled with adventure and mystery and magic, transporting the reading into the lands of ancient legend, and all the while presenting important themes about our own world, life, and spirituality.

The McGunnegal Chronicles are clean, fun, great adventure filled with action, mystery, riddles, and strange encounters that transport the reader (all ages) from the imagination to the heart.

Yours truly,

Ben Anderson