The McGunnegal Chronicles

 Irish Fantasy Tales for Ages 8 to 108  


Quotes Couldn't put them down, longing for the next one. This Trilogy took me back to my youth and unlocked those portals in my mind and soul that believe in the enchantment and the magic of the world around us. That's "in" us. Quotes
Debra Hanna
Of Celtic Decent

Quotes I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Mcgunnegal Chronicles! As I neared the end of each book I was pleasantly surprised to find myself anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series. Highly recommend for those whom are fans of positive and uplifting fantasy literature, in the style of Tolkein or Lewis. My only disappointment so far is that the third book has not released yet. Author's Note: The third book is now available! Quotes
Paul Kennedy
Owner of Life

Quotes The McGunnegal Chronicles are wonderful fantasies that take the reader into lands that are vividly portrayed. The characters are lovable and reinforce strong positive values in their fight with darkness. I can't wait until my preschooler is old enough to read these books with me. There were many times when I had trouble putting them down. Quotes
Mary Beth Feldman
former teacher, mother, homeschooler